Project Description


Shutters have been used as fine window furniture for centuries.They can create a warm,peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in any home,whether you seek a contemporary look or classic appearance.Shutters can also help you maintain a comfortable environment and allow you to take control of light and ventilation,as well as offer excellent privacy.Timeless beauty ,capturing the very essence of classic and modern style and the level of function,make shutters the most versatile window covering available in the market.Our shutters are custom made especially for your home needs,providing some extra stylish decoration and adding character and value in the process.With superior finishes,our shutters ensure resistance to cracking,chipping or peeling.They’re also an excellent insulator,and will help to reduce your cooling and heating energy costs throughout the year.Options include fixed,hinged,bi-folding and sliding shutters in a choice of 64mm,89mm and 114mm slat sizes.

Basswood has become one of the most widely used materials for shutters in the global market. This is due to its resistance to warping, easy workability, durability, and its acceptance of a variety of colors and finishes. Basswood is a member of the hardwood family, with all our Basswood being plantation grown. Basswood shutters are manufactured for indoors only, and are not recommended for wet areas.Whether for a window or door, Basswood Shutters offer class, character and practicality, and give you the natural warmth of wood in your favourite room. Basswood plantation shutters range has our most comprehensive choice of shades and will provide an excellent choice for any window.The natural feel to basswood shutter combined with a multitude of colour options means that you are sure to find the right shade and look for your room.


Paulownia wood is sourced from sustainable plantations; it is a very fast growing tree, allowing it to be harvested every 7-10 years.Paulownia wood has a straight texture, the material is light and soft, and has a strong grain pattern.Paulownia wood is wear resistant, corrosion resistant and does not conduct electricity.The wood grain texture is bright, prominent and beautiful with stained colours.
for shutters and the end result is a wonderful, natural finish. It is sustainable because it is able to regenerate from the existing roots which are left undamaged and this regrowth can occur many times.


PVC is extruded using a Foamwood material, and has been developed to make shutters suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and above kitchen sinks.PVC shutters provide the beauty of timber, yet due to their solid polymer extrusion construction, they will not rot, crack or deteriorate the way wood and other materials can. This makes this form of shutter ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and pool surrounds.Furthermore, PVC shutters are UV protected, fire resistant and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant for your peace of mind.These shutters look great, will last a long time, require minimum maintenance and a quick wipe with soapy water easily removes any dust or grime.